Ohh lots of singing tonight! And I’ve got the audio from the London meet ups for us to sing along to!

I’ve also stuck in a couple of high energy ‘easy’ songs which I think will be good for our gigs.

It’s a lot of songs so we might run over slightly. Remember, after this session we have a 2 week break and then we are back full throttle preparing for our gigs. I will also start some new stuff which we WON’T sing at either Belfast or Wales just to keep things moving for us.

My vision for the gigs is not a ‘concert’. Not us singing and people politely clapping. The aim is to have as much fun as we can. Much more interested in connection (with each other, and our audiences) than I am perfection. I want people to feel uplifted for having heard you sing, feel impressed and happy. I want us to feel the same. We are completely able to achieve this and I can’t wait!