Following the exciting news that we have been put forward to the Shortlist for Britain’s Got Talent, I’d like to start with a warm up then get straight in to singing ‘Fix You’ as this is highly likely to be our song.

If you’re unsure of your part to you’re new to this song, we can spend a little time going over it – but all of the conducting videos are on the website etc. After Christmas I WILL be writing a new section of ahhhssss etc for us. It won’t be hard so please don’t worry.

I’m going all out for Christmas cheer now that my tree is up and I’m feeling better! let’s have a go at ‘Underneath the Tree’ which has some incredibly easy harmonies if you’d like to go ooh and ahh!

And a top favourite of mine ‘Do they know it’s Christmas?’

Tea breakouts rooms! I think we’ll have a couple of familiar faces coming back so it’ll be lovely to see you all x

Let’s have a listen to our version of ‘Rather Be’ from our gig last month.

Let’s continue with the festivities…. ‘O Holy Night’

And the classic ‘Last Christmas’

I think we’ve enjoyed ‘White Winter Hymnal’

And let’s end with ‘Somewhere only we know’