So looking forward to seeing you all – it feels like it’s been a long time!

Let’s have a warm up to get going and crack straight on with Waterloo. It’s in just 2 parts so I’ll run the lower part as the higher has the tune which I’;m sure most of you know.

I’d like to go over a few bits in Yellow. I’m going to bring this back as our slow song so I’ll recap the harmonies.

Let’s have a blast through of Crazy what love can do!

Little tea break….

We’ll have a bash through the harmonies on Everybody’s Changing – it’s in 3 parts so the greens join the blues… xx

And a sing through of Harbour as this is our recording project! The conducting videos are all up on the website and the deadline is Saturday 20th May (ready for me to mix on the Sunday). It’s a joint project with NHSBT.

Let’s have another sing of Dreams

And finish with a throw back song to Memories.

See you tomorrow! xxxxx