We have just 4 sessions before our Nottingham meet up and gig! How exciting! I’d like to do all of the ‘teaching’ of the songs online so that on the day we only polish what we know.

I have put the conducting videos up for the recording project for ‘The Rose’ so we’ll start with that.

Let’s sing something we know well….

I think it would be good to include ‘Fix You’ for the gig. We’ll talk more about this.

Our new song….. ‘Wonder’

A little breakout for some tea/gin/cake/biscuit etc.

I’d like to go back over ‘Rather Be’ as I have harmony parts now.

Rather Be – RED Harmony Guide Track
Rather Be – YELLOW Harmony Cover Version
Rather Be – GREEN Harmony Guide Track
Rather Be – BLUE Harmony Guide Track
Rather Be – ALL Gide Tracks

Let’s move to the next new(ish) song!

And finish with our favourite…