Forgive me Singers! I know not what happened to the audio from last week. I suffered a supreme case of the Zoom-Doom and it has been lost in the ether. I will do better.

OK, here we go! I did at least manage to catch this!

We shall continue with Fields of Gold for it is a thing of beauty.

Let’s head back in time slightly with a bit of Rather Be

And what about a departure to Eternal Flame!? I’ll take you through the parts on this one – it’s charming.

Tea Breakout…. then back to serious stuff (ha ha)

After today we have just 3 meet ups online before the big one in Nottingham. There’s a WhatsApp group for the meet. which you;re welcome to join if you want to come along. I’ll do a separate post about the whole event.

I’d like us to join forces with the Liberty Belles for Harbour and The Rose and I’m looking at other songs we can do together….. I’d love a go at Mrs Robinson with them!? Easy Peasy 2 part song.

Let’s go back in time for our last couple of songs,,…