Not long to go until we meet up! V exciting!

Anyway, tonight’s tasty morsels……

This is the proposed set list for the gig.

ICU/Belles Gig 2023


Eternal Flame Crazy what love can do Fields of Gold Caravan of Love


Jolene Missing Days Close to you


Harbour Mrs Robinson The Rose Titanium

Rich is going to come along and do Mrs Robinson with us all!

I’d like to start with Eternal Flame and we’ll go from ‘say my name, sun shines through the rain’ for all of the parts to see how it lands. Then let’s go over the beginning part too to refresh our little heads (I can’t even remember what I did yesterday never mind what I sang 2 weeks ago….!)

OK – on to something we know and like….

Let’s have a Hack through Mrs Robinson – it’s only in 2 parts. I’ll take one pat whole the others have a breakout and then swap xxx

Moving on to Fields of Gold – I’d like to go over the solo line. It’s blue but we are distinctly lacking in blues…. we might bus one in from West Bridgford….. I’ll keep you posted!

Let’s have a little throwback – you know how I love a throwback….

And a move forwards…..

Thanks all! See you Wednesday!