Here we go!

We’ll warm up and have a sing through of ‘Giant’ again. I’d like make start on the harmonies for the chorus on this one.

Let’s make a start with ‘Yesterday’. It’s in 3 parts so I’m thinking I’ll teach each part in full whilst the others are on breakout rooms. EG, Reds stay with me to learn their part while everyone else are in breakouts. Then Yellows etc etc. If you’d rather stay with me in the room and learn all parts you can. Or turn off your camera and play Wordle on your phone.

Something easy that we know…..

We might not need a tea break as we’ll have done this in the earlier breakouts – I’ll read the room (or the zoom). Let’s crack on with ‘One day like this’. I’d like to work on the harmonies up to the chorus.

Let us not fry our tired brains! We’ll finish with a couple of bangers. As per the conversation on the WhatsApp group this weekend, I feel it’s fitting to sing ‘Every breath’

And a rousing finish….