We’ve got just 3 rehearsals left this year! In January, we are moving to singing once a month for 90 minutes so let’s make the most of these last three fortnightly sessions.

OK, we’ve had a request for a recording – Do they know it’s Christmastime? So, we’ll have a sing through of that one. Original version – not that 2000s nonsense!

We’ll have a work on the harmonies at the end when there’s a call and response thing going on. We can then allocate the parts for a line each and get you to video yourself singing it (along with the original in and ear piece). We’ll need to get cracking with this to have it ready before the final rehearsal as Christmas is a fairly busy time chez Liberty Singer Towers.

OK, let’s step back in time to Somewhere only we know – like Christmas but not….

and a little throwback classic…

Tea breakouts for everyone and then back on it. I loved Eternal Flame when we sang it at the weekend. Really well done!

Let’s have another go at this – is it something we’d like to sing in the new year maybe?

And just for the hell of it….

And because it’s the celebration of three years of ICU singing (25th November was the actual first date)