Back down from Cloud 9 to the reality of rehearsing! We only have this week and next – which is the guest Disney Workshop – please feel free to bring your family/children to that one! We’ll be extending the session until 9.30pm for a small social on that night.

But first, this week!

We have a couple of new singers to welcome! The doors are open to more singers – I’m looking to recruit at least 10. If there’s anyone you feel might like to join us, please spread the word on our behalf.

Let’s start with something we know and love…

As we approach the summer break I’d like to make a start on something new…. This song is in three parts. Highs red as usual, the yellows take the middle and we’ll combine the greens and blues to take the lowest part. There’s a sneaky audio track to listen to if you want to understand how it sounds.

The Rose/We are sailing ALL PARTS

I’d also like to really go back in time with this total classic…

And this!

and this!!

Oooh and this!!

And I nearly forgot this…