Excited to share ‘The Rose’ with you all – thanks to everyone who participated!

But first – a warm up with some vocal technique.

Let’s sing ‘Wonder’ I’d like us to consider the type of voices we use for the song and concentrate on the dynamics. We’ll do some work on this when we meet up in November too. There’s a small amount of red harmony for this one.

Let’s have another sing through of ‘Rather Be’ and work again on the harmonies for this.

A blast from the past….

The we’ll listen to our joint creation with NHSBT Liberty Singers!

Tea Breakout for all…..

Please note our next rehearsal is a TUESDAY! THE HORROR!!! And there’s another skip and a Tuesday in December as I’m not available on those Wednesdays.

Thanks for the photos of when you were 2 – more please!!!

Let’s have a go through ‘Fix You’ again – are there any sticking points you’d like me to go over with you?

And we’ll have another go at ‘Chasing Cars’ as we will sing this in Nottingham. And it’s lovely.

We’ll go through the high harmonies on ‘Shut up and dance with me’ and again, think about the type of voice we are singing with.

And we’ll finish with ‘Sweet Disposition’ because it’s a total classic.