I’ve got a lovely new warm up for you all ‘Can’t stop the feeling’ from the film Trolls!

We’ll have another go through ‘Who Knew’ and really work on the volume difference between parts of the songs.

We’ll pick apart ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ – it’s in 6 parts. You only have to sing one! Pick then you like most and feel suits you best. We’ll start with the chorus and then I’ll break it right down for you all.

Tea/gin/wine/water break – exciting stuff to chat to you about! and of course, I’ll play you the new recording of ‘Chasing Cars’ xxxx

Let it be – last minute new entry! I’ll make a start on the harmonies with this.

To finish this week, my yoga teacher Maria will be joining us for the final 10 minutes to guide us. Here’s a message from her:

“Hello lovely ICU Liberty Singers, Kari has invited me to close your session this week with some yoga-based self-care practices. With so much of your energy dedicated to the care of others, this is a little practice just for you. I’ll offer you some practices that you can dip into any time you need a moment to feel grounded, to feel your energy flow back, to feel nourished and ready for the rest of your day. It’s also a perfect little bedtime routine. I’ll guide you through some gentle breathing, some self-massage for the face, neck and shoulders, gentle stretches for the neck and shoulders, finishing with a gentle humming breathing exercise. You can do this little practice exactly as you are, seated or standing. Please, just do what feels good, there’s no pressure to do anything that doesn’t feel comfortable for you. I hope you enjoy it!” Maria