Here’s the plan……

We’ll have a go through ‘Don’t Stop’ again ahead of us recording this for the meet up. I want to have us as a backing track to ourselves including all the people who can’t make the meet up.

We’ll continue with ‘Somewhere only we know’. I’d like us to try and get through the whole song and would ask you to think about the colour you’d like to choose ahead of the rehearsal.

‘2000 Miles’ – let’s keep going with this! We’ll run it as 2 parts then we can decide together if we want to add in the other parts (they’re just for the chorus bit) I have a plan to create a recording of this for Christmas for ALL Liberty Singers (online and face to face)…… that’s the plan anyway….

‘Viva La Vida’ I’d like to go over again because it’s just loads of fun.

And let’s go back in time and celebrate the brilliance we created with ‘Fix You’.

And because I love you all and feel bad that our Cardiff gig isn’t happening next month……..

Don’t say I never give you anything xxxxxxxx