Here’s the plan!

Let’s have a warm up doing some ‘proper’ vocal stuff. Just for a change.

I need to take you through the parts for ‘Say yes for the NHS’ – the deadline on this has been pushed back but I’d still like to get our recordings done and out of the way.

Let it be – we ran out of time for this last week so we’ll spend a bit of time going through the harmonies – they’re not complicated and fairly repetitive but to get the beautiful sound and building throughout the piece we’ll need to work on controlling our volume.

We’ll have a break – as ever, you are welcome to use the breakout rooms or not.

We’ll sing through ‘Who Knew’ then I’d like to work a little more on ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ on the verse sections.

Let’s finish with something new and a bit different….. Mr Brightside – which at first listen is a very dull song…but not once it’s arranged for choir!

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday!