We’ll crack straight on tonight….. quick warm up then in.

Don’t Stop – we need to do a reasonable amount of work on the timing of this song. It’s a stinker. It’s not beyond us but we’ll need to concentrate and I’ll teach the timing more than once – don’t worry! There are harmony parts which we may or may not get to tonight…… we’ll see.

We’ll have a little bit of respite with ‘Take me home country roads’ – and country attire welcome for this song – cowboy hats, guitars, whatever you can think of!

We’ll sing ‘Viva la Vida’ because it’s a) easy and b) joyful.

Little breakout room… please don’t feel pressured to join this – excellent opportunity to go and make a cup of tea/mix a G&T – whatever. Also a great opportunity to talk to people you’ve never met before.

‘Somewhere only we know’ I’ll make a start with you on the ooohhhh harmonies…… The way I’ve arranged it is that everyone gets to sing some of the words as well as the ooohhh harmonies which, on their own, could be construed as dull. Really dull. Unless you are rubbish at learning words… then those parts are a joy! I’ll pop the harmonies out to you after the rehearsal…..

We’ll finish with a bit of ‘One Day Like This’ as a sing through so we get used to it.

At the end of the session, we’ll be joined by Dr Emma O’Brien who is Head of Music for the Scrub Choir in Australia who would very much like to talk to us about a project. Do please hang around – she’s getting up very early her time to have 10 minutes to chat with you all! xxxx

Looking forward to seeing you all, as ever, and welcoming a couple of new voices!