It’s pyjama party week!!!

Let’s have another crack at ‘Don’t Stop’ in terms of both timing and harmony. I’d like to record this as audio for the people who aren’t able to make the meet up on the 19th but I’d also like others to sing it too. This way, we can have the choice of using it as a backing track on the day or not. I’m conscious that I want us to sound the best we can and that I can’t make a decision about how to achieve this without hearing you…. so I’d like as many options as possible. I’ll put conducting videos out this week and I’d like recordings in from everyone by Saturday 30th October please.

‘Viva la Vida’ – there’s a couple of tricky moments in this regarding timing but not much harmony. Let’s have a crack at it – it’s easy!

‘Somewhere only we know’ we made a start on this last time. I’d like to go through the chorus this time which is slightly trickier. The harmonies are all on the website if you want to have a listen to your part.

‘2000 Miles’ Let’s have another go at the chorus on this too which splits into 4 parts. Very fancy!

And we’ll finish with ‘Take me home country roads’