Ready for this!????

I’d love to start with the Mika Grace Kelly TikTok Harmony challenge. If you don’t know what I’m talking about – check this out!

I’ve split all of the parts out so we can hear them clearly – it’s just a bit of fun. Be careful if you’re planning to do the high part because it’s VILE!

‘Don’t Stop’ we’ll continue with this and make a start on the harmonies

I’d like to start on ‘Somewhere only we know’ as I know we didn’t have time during the last session.

I’d also like to sing through ‘2000 Miles’ which I’ve arranged mostly in 2 parts…. there might be a little bit of 4 part knocking around….

Let’s sing ‘Viva la Vida’ because this is soooo easy and has just a smattering of harmony for you all….

And we’ll finish with ‘Take me home country roads’ – I might even stick a line dance in there for you.

I’ve got important stuff to chat about regarding dates and a workshop I’ve booked…… please come along if you can!