To start with LET’S ALL WEAR OUR T SHIRTS!! If you don’t have one, don’t panic, wear something black?! I’d like to capture a little bit of zoom video for my 2000 Miles project.

I’d like to start with 2000 Miles please as this is the recording project and your next session is taken up with Les Mis!!!!!

I’d like then to re-live some of the magic from last Friday and share with those of you unable to make it some of the recordings we created together with no backing tracks…. just our voices and a guitar or an instrumental track. Let’s kick it off with ‘Chasing Cars’

and ‘Fix You’

Quick break before we appreciate the bravery of the soloists on ‘Somewhere only we know’

And the marvel of ‘Every Breath’ with Rich on guitar

Let’s finish with a blast through ‘Who Knew’ – I know how you love it