I realise we have a slight clash with a certain England game tonight! We’ll carry on…. if anyone can still join us then great. If you’re joining us and watching the football at the same time, please interrupt to tell us if we score (it’ll obvious, my husband will be in the next room and you’ll probably all hear him). Please don’t interrupt to tell me we are loosing, It makes me sad!

We’ll have a warm up as usual.

We’ll have another sing of ‘Let It Be’ with a quick recap on the harmonies for you all.

Let’s sing our version of ‘Chasing Cars’ – it’s so beautiful!

We’ll work on ‘Mr Brightside’! I’ve created a fully harmonised version – and I’ve even had the sheet music typeset! (I feel very grown up)

We’ve got a lady called Debra coming to chat to you about a choral project which is very exciting.

And YES, we still need to record the NHS song and I’ll have the You Tube conducting videos out by the end of Wednesday for you xxxxxx I promise……. and the deadline will be soooooon!

We’ll sing ‘Who Knew’ because I know you like it and let’s have a proper throw back and sing ‘Every breath’.

If you’re footballing and you can join us after half time, we’ll sing ‘3 Lions on a Shirt’

If we can squeeze it in, we’ll sing ‘Fix You’