The most exciting news first!

Alison has secured a venue for our London meet up on Saturday 26th March. Pizza Express Live in Holborn are giving us their downstairs venue from 1-4pm, they are providing lunch, drinks and a sound engineer to help with all things tech! How amazing is that!??

Thanks to Chris Gough for getting the project rolling and to Barbara for organising us! If you’d like to come along, please drop Barbara a message on the WhatsApp chat – there’s a separate WhatsApp group for this project like last time so please join that too. We’ll be singing the new stuff we’re learning now, some old stuff and something completely from scratch. I can’t wait!

Right, back to business. Last night!

26.01.22 Part 1
26.01.22 Part 2

We started with ‘I’m still standing’ after our warm up.

‘Memories’ we worked on the song in all 3 parts up until ‘Everybody hurts sometimes’. Blues are singing with the greens for this song. There are also some very simple backing oohhhsss which I have called pink and blue which we might end up recording and putting on our own track so that when we sing it together nobody gets the boring part! Remember we changed the words from ‘drinks’ to ‘dreams’. There are some odd timings in this song so watch out for those. I’ll post the harmonies separately later today.

We sang ‘Friday I’m in Love’ which went down better than expected – perhaps it’s growing on you?! I’ll look to arrange this very soon.

After our tea breakout we worked on ‘Yellow’ – a quick song through then we worked on it from the back – the final section ‘it’s true… look how they shine for you’ where our original warm up came in handy. We’ll carry on with this and again I’ll post all of the harmonies later today for you.

We were rapidly running out of time so we sang ‘Let it be’ and ‘Don’t look back in anger’ to finish x

And yes, people STILL voted on Little Respect as their favourite song even though we didn’t sing it!!

See you all in two weeks!