ICU 23.02.22 Part 1
ICU 23.02.22 Part 2

Ooohhh it was lovely to see everyone last night! A really good session xxx

We learned a technique called the water flea – this articulates sound and keeps it bright and bouncing along the water. If you’re confused, have a look at this very short video

The Waterflea!

We worked on ‘Memories’ recapping the harmonies we’ve already learned and learning a few more. The hardest part of this song is the phrasing of the words and squeezing lyrics in. The harmonies are all on this website if anyone wants to catch up or re-learn.

We worked more on ‘Yellow’ with the harmonies for the second verse – different from the first. Again, the harmony audio files are on this website.

We sang ‘I’m still standing’ and honestly, there’s just a little bit of harmony only for the reds. I might teach that separately just to the reds next time.

‘Friday I’m In Love’ went really well. Again, we recapped the tricky harmony for the middle 8. The articulation and placing of the words is again the hardest part here. I’ll get the harmonies uploaded today.

We finished with ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ which again has some red harmonies knocking around…..

We overran last night. Thanks to all who were able to stay on with us. There was so much to talk about!

Ceri has invited us to sing at the WICS Summer Scientific Meeting in Saundersfoot in Wales on 23rd-24th June. We’ve been invited to sing in the evening on the 23rd. This is another lovely opportunity for us and I’d love as many of you as possible to come along! It’s the week before SOA so it’s understandable that many people won’t manage both, or neither but we’ll be using backing tracks with our recorded voices on so that everyone is included. There’s a WhatsApp group for this event set up – please join it if you’re able to join us or think you might be.

We also talked about some housekeeping regarding the other WhatsApp group and have decided to reinstate the ‘Admin’ group for the information part of choir (rehearsal notes, audio, announcements etc) and keep the other group for chat/support/hilarious memes.

This is the link to the Admin group – many of you are probably still part of it.

And finally, Nicola Dowling from BBC Radio 4 is looking to interview singers about the choir – from conception to meeting up. If anyone is happy to talk to her, please get in touch directly

See you in a couple of weeks!!!!