ICU 09.02.22 Part 1
ICU 09.02.22 Part 2

Lovely to see you all last night!

We started by walking the dinosaur then moved on to ‘Yellow’ – huge thanks to Indigo who sang a little bit of it at the start for us! xxx We made a start on the verse and chorus. Yellows, you’ll really need to sing out on the chorus as everyone else is singing some sort of ahhhhhhh and the words are the important part! Next time we’ll do the second verse which is different and then this song is done. We can always recap bits if necessary. I’d like to sing this at our meet up in March.

‘Take me home country roads’ was a rousing rendition tonight in all of it’s glorious 4 parts.

EXCITING NEWS! We have been invited to sing LIVE at SOA in Belfast in June! I have no more details than this at the moment but I’ll be asking more from the organisers soon. It would be fabulous to have as many of you there as possible but totally understand it’s a massive ask if you weren’t already planning to go. We might create a recording of the songs and use them in the backing track – I’ll decide when I have a clearer idea of numbers and dates. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to share the joy we’ve all felt singing together and I’m totally delighted for the opportunity.

‘Friday I’m in Love’ we tackled the tricky bit from ‘dressed up to the nines’. There are a lot of words and they don’t really make much sense. The 4 parts sometimes cross over – I’ll put these on the website today incase anyone wants to have a listen. It’s a fabulous song and I think we’ll get it sounding brilliant.

We ran out of time to work any more on ‘Memories’ so went to sing through ‘Titanium’ and ‘I’m still standing’. I can well imagine us singing Titanium at SOA…….. that would wake everyone up!

Guesses for the 4 people who sported on the song we hadn’t sang?!!!!

See you all in a couple of weeks!