ICU 27.04.22 Part 1
ICU 27.04.22 Part 2

We had a lovely time! Feels like ages since we’d all sung together xxx Lovely to see some familiar faces x

I’m not getting many recordings in! Please have a go at Yellow and Friday I’m In Love – the videos are all on the website.

Chasing Cars took us right back tonight! So lovely. We can sing along with this one no problem. (I’m thinking gigs of course)

We learned the very simple harmonies on Viva La Vida and went through the harmonies on Who Knew. I’ll pop these on the website for anyone to catch up with.

Hold my hand really is a completely unison song – but do pick your octave for the chorus!

Our virtual hand holding……

We sang with Titanium with the London recording which was great and we finished with Fix You – emotional – it always is.

Our new song is Rather Be – Clean Bandit with Jess Glynn – looking forward to getting stuck in with that next time!

Thanks to all of you, as ever, for your happy faces and energy x