ICU 25.05.22 Part 1
ICU 25.05.22 Part 2

Lovely to see you all tonight!

We stated with me nagging about holding on to notes. It’s really important to keep your eye on the task and bring the notes to their ending together, even if we are online. I really want to get this right for the singing we do in public.

We sang along with out recent recordings of ‘Yellow’ and ‘Friday I’m In Love – massive thanks to everyone who recorded.

We had a listen to ‘Rather Be’ and sang along. We talked about the slightly lazy pronunciation as well as how to hit the high notes. There will be some harmony knocking around…..

‘Country Roads’ was tonight’s Liberty Banger!

After the break we started to learn ‘Sweet Disposition’ – I’ll put the harmonies up for you – there is also some sheet music!! We’ll continue to learn this next time.

We sang ‘Fix You’ and ‘Titanium’ to finish.

And I forgot to poll!!! Yikes! Sorry everyone!

See you on 8th June!!