ICU Liberty Singers 23.06.21 Zoom Audio

Lovely to see so many of you last night!

Here’s what we got up to:

A proper warm up making long notes and then working on short notes. It’s really important as a choir to have difference in our singing – not every song should be sung in the same way with the same intention and a good choir shows this in their performances/recordings.

We learned the harmonies for the chorus sin ‘Say yes for the NHS’ – I’ll pop these on to the website this week as we’ll need to record them soon.

Let it be – I know a few of you have been waiting for this one! The yellow tune goes through the whole song. We’ve got some gentle oohhssss for the reds, greens and blues. These should sound like chiffon – wafty floaty and gentle please! These harmonies repeat through the song and there is another little bit at the end of each verse. We managed to teach all of this – the harmonies are on the website too if you missed it or want to catch up x

We are working on a project with UHL next week which we chatted about in the tea break – I’ll drop more information on the WhatsApp group and if anyone wants to join us, you’d be very welcome. Looking like singing ‘A Little Respect’ – again, the harmonies are on the website.

Rehearsal Dates there’s a skip and a treat in store! We next meet on July 7th then on 21st we’ve got a sea shanty workshop booked with a fab lady called Debbie Warren. That’s the treat, the skip is that we then meet the following week July 28th (this is to accommodate my holiday time at the end of August) and again on 11th August. We are then off until September when we’ll be gearing up for our meet up and so far the dates are 1st, 15th and 29th.

We had a quick sing of ‘Who Knew’ and made some progress with ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’. (Or Yellow brick toad as I might now call it) 

Hunting the horny backed TTOOOAADDDDDDDD!!!!

The first verse is in unison, the second has a harmony line below for the green/blue/purple (yes, there’s a sort of bass part in there!) we went through this – it’s not particularly easy so do please have a listen again if you get time.

We finished with Mr Brightside which went down rather well. I’ve got it arranged in 3 to 4 parts which I’ll record properly for the next time we meet and we can make a start on learning it properly.

Thank you for your energy, love, smiles and voices! See you all soon.