Oooh a fab night tonight! Alison’s last ever evening as Dean and a surprise guest at Liberty Towers!

ICU 18.10.22 Part 1
ICU 18.10.22 Part 2

We started with ‘Sweet Disposition’ because I forgot it last time. This was after the hilarity of lip trills. Really, have a listen to the first 5 minutes and you’ll see what I mean!

We worked on ‘Shut up and dance’ which has only RED harmonies. And a gorgeous throw back to ‘Somewhere only we know’. How brave people were to sing solos that day in Nottingham!

‘Rather Be’ is also in 3 parts so the greens will merge with the blues for this one. I’m really looking forward to hearing how this sounds.

Same for ‘Wonder’ – it’ll be quite lovely.

I think ‘The Rose’ is definitely a favourite – tonight in all the excitement, I forgot to run the poll! My head is a shed.

We finished with Titanium (or TRItanium) which was a rousing finish.

We have a break now for half term and don’t meet again until Wednesday 9th November! This is our 2nd birthday party!!!! Looking forward to seeing you all then.