Thanks to everyone who joined us tonight! I had a lovely time thank you xxxxx

Here’s what we got up to…..

I think I sing it better with you… a little warm up which you can really explore your own harmonies.

Paradise – we spent some time learning the harmonies on the ‘paradise roll on roll on’ section. There are 6 parts and they’re here on the website. It’s such a lovely rousing song!

Chasing Cars – an emotional one isn’t it? We had a sing through tonight.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight – we learned the ‘wimoweh’ parts which change after the first verse. You can choose your octave for the verses – have a listen and see what suits you. Guys, you can sing falsetto if you want to?! With or without a mankini… (you had to be there – or catch up on the audio!)

Hold my hand – another happy song which we enjoyed tonight

Who Knew – we had a sing through.

ICU Rehearsal 12.05.21

We had a vote on what to record next and it’s CHASING CARS. So we’ll be having a nit-pick through this at the next session (26th) and record after that (deadline Saturday 5th June at midnight) which I can then present to you on 9th June.

Who Knew went down as the best song we sang all night so I’ll spend some time creating an arrangement so that we can work on that at the next session too.

Thank you for your patience tonight – I know things were in different places and huge thanks to Chris for looking after everyone.

What on EARTH is Alison holding?????!!!!