07.02.24 Part 1

07.02.24 Part 2

Lovely to see you all! Such fun last night!

We worked a little on How Much Will I Love You? – it’s got high harmonies in the song already which we touched on and there are some lower harmonies which I invented as we went along. I’ll record these properly for the next session. We revisited Torn and Dreams.

Jolene is looking like our next recording project! We worked on the chorus again quickly and then the 5 parts of the verse. I will sort the alto 2 part which is missing in action and create the conducting videos. It’s such a brilliant arrangement and I’m really looking forward to hearing you singing it!

We had a little 80’s disco with Waiting for a Star to Fall and I think We’re Alone Now – hilarious! We then worked on You To Me Are Everything. We can take the blue part out – it’s just an octave below the yellow so for the guys, you may please join the greens! We worked through the verses and chorus harmonies – just the oohs for the reds and greens to nail next time.

Ending with a couple of classic Liberty Bangers – always a winner!