ICU 15.11.23 Part 1

ICU 15.11.23 Part 2

So lovely to see you al last night±! Lovely turn out!

We are going to be creating a VIDEO recording of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmastime’ as our next project – if I could get you to record your parts asap that would be marvellous! Straight onto video, landscape singing along to the original but with headphones so the audio you send to me as a video file is clean. I’ll attach the parts…

Please use this Cover Version to sing along to as it will match my instrumental backing track.

If you have any laughing, dancing or messing about video footage you’d like to include, please do – or get your colleagues to wave and dance as part of the instrumental bit. The more footage the better.

Please upload your video files here

ICU Christmas Video 2023

We’ll get on to the chorus section at the end after the next session.