ICU Zoom rehearsal 29.09.21

Lovely to see you all last night! Here’s what we got up to –

The ‘Mika Grace Kelly TikTok Harmony Challenge’ in 6 parts. Can anyone get up as high as part 5?! I sound like a chipmunk! This is the sort of thing I would love to hear in person one day…. be warned!

‘Don’t Stop’ we did some work on the harmonies which are simple and an octave apart. It’s only in 3 parts as I wanted to keep it simple for us. Watch the timing… it’s tricky and there’s a difficult bit in every verse. The only way to manage this is to keep listening and trying. Harmonies are up for anyone who wants to practice at home. This is the main song we’ve been asked to film for the State of the Art conference in December and we’ll also be recording parts for those singers unable to make the filming.

‘Somewhere only we know’ we all learned the oohs because everyone has an oohhh part knocking around somewhere! Roughly we are in two halves – the highs (pink red and orange) and the lows (yellow green and blues). I think this will sound beautiful! Next time we’ll tackle the chorus which is slightly trickier…. Harmonies are on the website for you if you want a sneaky listen.

‘2000 Miles’ Yikes! It must be Christmas time! Apologies to everyone who though we were singing the Proclaimers ha ha ha! It’s mostly in 2 parts so we tackled that this time. Again, the chorus splits into 4 and we’ll give that a go at our next rehearsal.

Viva La Vida – ohhh a rousing finish! I’ll teach this better soon – I promise.

Still loving the fact that Someone keeps voting on the song we haven’t even sung!


Extra rehearsal ahead of our meet up : Wednesday 17th November.

Nottingham meet up/recording/filming 2-5pm Friday 19th November

Cardiff Gig Saturday 27th November

Les Mis Workshop (8-9.30pm) Wednesday 8th December with Tim Allen

Our Christmas singing Wednesday 15th December

Carol concert for all of my online singers (NHSBT and BAD) Wednesday 22nd December