Rehearsal 15.09.21

Lovely to see everyone tonight and welcome a few new members!

We warmed up with a tongue twister about Emma Raducanu and a bit of ‘Turn Around’.

We worked a bit on ‘Don’t Stop’ The timing is quite tricky own the third line of the verses. The ONLY way to deal with this is to keep listening to it. Once we are together, I can keep us there but while we are online, repeated listening is the way forward! I’ve created the learning guide track using the cover version we sang along last night. This way, it’s exactly the same in the tricky parts. There’s one main tune, a high part and a low part some harmonically, really simple. I want us to get it right so have deliberately not made it over complicated… I often do!

Don’t stop – All 3 parts GUIDE
Don’t Stop – RED/High GUIDE
Don’t Stop – YELLOW/Main Tune GUIDE

We had a sing through of ‘Country roads’ and ‘Viva la Vida’ which I will try to teach next time……

We had a brief go through with ‘Somewhere only we know’ – but ran out of time to teach the harmonies properly. I promise we’ll get to this next time! Here’s the poll result…

*We didn’t sing ‘One day like this’ no idea who voted for it…… xxx

We were visited by Emma from Australia to talk about the Scrubs PLUS project which is a virtual International recording which we’ve been invited to be a part of. I’ll pop all the information in a separate blog post to you. I’m delighted so many of you are keen to do it!

As ever, I’m full of joy when I see results like this:

And getting comments in the chat like this just makes my day.

See you all in 2 weeks!!!