We started with the dog and the can-can. Yikes. Even I got it wrong tonight!

We walked the dinosaur!

We did all of the actions to Torn – seems like ages since we’ve sung this one!

Chasing Cars – we didn’t recap much in the way of harmony because we’ve learned all of that. We worked on the articulation and dynamics – I really, really want this to shine through – keeping the words really separate and articulated. PLEASE follow the conducting videos – don’t cheat and just do it from the audio files!

The deadline for recording is midnight on Saturday 5th June and the Sharepoint folders are with the conducting videos on this website. Files need to be MP3 or m4a please!!! Check to make sure they’re not video or even text files (you’d be surprised – I’ve seen them all!)

NEWS – we’ve been asked to open the State of the Art Conference in December. Currently, the details of how we do this aren’t clear but we will MAKE IT WORK and contribute something marvellous. This is a great opportunity for us to have a shared goal on your home turf as it were. I’m really looking forward to it.

We’ve also been invited to sing the chorus on a new single being released to celebrate the NHS birthday in July. We will be joining the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Choir and the Breathe Harmony Choir. Again, this is a lovely project and I’m proud for you to be invited to participate.

We moved on and sang Who Knew – with a whistle stop tour of the harmonies.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (I’m already enjoying the toad gifs coming through on WhatsApp!) The song went down well tonight and we’ve decided to move ahead and learn it in more detail. It’s in six parts but of course you only have to learn one!

We had time to sing Fix You which was quite emotional tonight – thank you all.

There was a chat about Let It Be which you’d also like to work on so we’ve got plenty to look forward to when we next meet on 9th June x

Poll Results 26.05.21
ICU Liberty SIngers 26.05.21 Zoom Rehearsal