ICU Liberty Singers 13.10.21 Zoom rehearsal.

It was a lovely evening of singing with the usual level of laughter going on. Here’s what we got up to.

‘Don’t Stop’ we ran through the harmonies again and sang through. I’m going to put the conducting videos out so that we can make a recording of this ahead of the Nottingham meet up – I’d like as many people to do this as possible including the people unable to attend the event. This is for the state of the art conference in December and I want us to have the best chance of sounding as brilliant as we can.

‘Viva la Vida’ we learned the 2 part harmonies to this one – it’s a very quick win and a great rousing song! I’ve put the harmony parts on the website for anyone interested to either catch up or consolidate the learning.

‘Somewhere only we know’ we learned the chorus harmonies. Remember, this is in 6 parts so that everyone gets a turn at singing the actual words. For the chorus – the main tune is sung by the red/orange/yellow voices. The greens have a lovely harmony underneath and the pink has an echo high up with the blues having this same echo an octave lower. Again, the harmonies are on the website. xx

‘2000 miles’ I think everyone likes this! Again, 2 parts which we’ll learn first then we can decide if we have time/inclination to add in the extra 2 parts in the chorus. It’s so gentle and lovely and will sound gorgeous when you sing it.

I loved the comment last night ‘Yes we WILL HAVE TIME FOR COUNTRY ROADS!’ so we overran and sang our heads off. Thank you. Good job we did as it topped the poll.

I added Bohemian Rhapsody for the joker who keeps on voting for the songs we haven’t sung. Turns out we now have 6 jokers!

See you all on the 27th xxxx