It would appear that Alison is on tour! This time appearing in London with Bex in hospital! There was much dancing and even a spot of impromptu choreography with a Zimmer frame. Great work ladies! Get well soon Bex xxxxx

ICU 06.07.22 Part 1
ICU 06.07.22 Part 2

We has a LOVELY session where we didn’t sing any of the songs we’ve been singing at gigs at all!

We started with Let it Be then moved on to our new song ‘The Rose/We are sailing’. Despite forgetting to poll, the comments in the WhatsApp group afterwards suggested that you really enjoyed this one! It’s in three parts so I merged the greens and blue together (although…. I might create a separate blue part…) I will create a separate post with the audio harmonies for you. It’s beautiful.

We sang Together in Electric Dreams, Everywhere, Sweet Disposition and Rather Be. And we had a really, really, great session. Thanks to everyone who came along and to Sharon who joined us!