OK, so we all bring all the songs we already know and love. We then have the option to sing what we like!

Additionally, I’d like to sing some new things….

I’ve no idea how much of this we’ll get through so I’m probably over-prepared! We are in the venue 10-3pm with lunch. So we’ll sing first….. then lunch then more singing.

We haven’t decided yet what to do in the evening – Alison and I are still thinking…….

Here with me – ALL

Here with me RED

Here with me YELLOW

Here with me GREEN

And this…… which could just be a sing through and we can add in some wafty stuff as we see fit!?

And just for Barbara…..

Islands DOLLY

Islands KENNY

I’d also quite like to try Blinding Lights which has really gone down well with my other choirs….

Blinding Lights RED

Blinding Lights YELLOW

Blinding Lights GREEN