The spreadsheet below gives details of who is signing or singing each line: 

These are the instructions for how and what to record:  

Below is the video showing us how to sign the lyrics:

This is the audio to use when recording your video.  Please ensure that it is audible when you are recording to help with synching up for the video.

Submitting Recordings

The deadline for submission of recordings is midnight on the 10th of April.We are going to submit the video recordings exactly as we did for the audio recordings, using one of the links below (links are in the same order in which they appear on the spreadsheet):

Verse 1 –

Verse 2 –

Chorus 1 –

Verse 3 –

Chorus 2  –

Hugging –

Chorus 3 –

When you click on the appropriate link, you will be taken to a page with a button saying “select files”. Click on this, navigate to where you’ve saved your file, select it and click “open”. You’ll put your name in the boxes, click “upload”, and you’re done.  If you are struggling to upload from a mobile device, please try emailing it to yourself, then picking it up on a laptop or desktop and trying from there.If you have any problems at all, please give Barbara a shout out on the WhatsApp group.